Feed Your Skin Health Food

On the road to wellness & prevention, maintaining the vitality of our skin will in return keep us healthier. Our skin is our largest organ, our largest protective barrier. It is responsible for protecting our body from the harsh elements. Nourishing our outer layer with essential nutrients ensures that our skin is doing what it’s supposed to do. As such, we must be conscious of what we feed our skin just as we are conscious of what we eat.

At Brown Bag Botanicals we believe that taking care of our skin is an important step in caring for our whole self. This is why we use raw ingredients of superior quality, in their most therapeutic state, without the use of toxic mineral oil, alcohol, fragrance oils, lanolin or other irritating fillers. You will find only the finest pure essential oils, herbs and exotic botanicals in all our products, and we take special care to accommodate those with skin conditions and sensitivities. Our butters offer you a truly natural solution to skin health,allowing you to express your radiance and to be well.

Yours for better health,

Christine Trice, President
Brown Bag Botanicals

What Is Shea Butter?

Shea Butter originates from the karite tree, meaning “tree of life,” and is indigenous to Africa. This tree takes 20 years or more to produce its invaluable fruit, the shea nut. The ripened nuts, regarded to as “women’s gold” are collected once they fall to the ground and are crushed to extract its butter.

What People Are Saying About Brown Bag Botanicals

“Wow! Christine’s miracle Brown Bag Botanicals shea butter has completely healed up my poison oak! I had tried many products and once it started to go away I was terrified of the scarring that has occurred in past experiences. A little voice in my head said to use the shea butter and in FIVE days my skin has completely healed without any scars! It is an unbelievable product and has worked wonders – it is a green cream miracle machine!!”